01 November 2006


Halloween was a bit of a disappointment this year. I was working a vanbulance shift - in a real box ambulance - and nobody on day shift was even kinda costumed. We went around to hospitals and nursing homes as usual and there was a disturbing lack of both holiday spirit and CANDY. These are places that have had candy for a week or two now, and on the actual day, nada. The best I saw all day was a patient at one of the homes who had an orange vest with bats, a matching headband with stuffed bats on springs and bright orange garland with plastic bats wrapped around the wheels of her chair. I wish I had a picture for you, but this particular place wasn't a likely candidate.

Trick-or-treating is town-regulated to run from 6-8p only and my shift ended at 6p so I was home for most of it. I'll just say that there were so few candy-begging ghouls and goblins, we actually watched all of Saw from 7-9p and only had to pause twice to answer the door. So much for being in a better place for trick-or-treat.

Patient quote of the day, as we were lowering the stretcher so she could move to her wheelchair and I had just been hit by a n-a-s-ty wave of stink: "Oh, girls. You made me so excited I just farted. Sorry, I think it smells a little." I could only wish I had been at the head of the stretcher instead of the foot right then.


Pregnant In Texas said...

Umm...wow, that's pretty nasty. I mean, it's sweet that she was so excited to be moved by two members of the vanbulance, but nasty that you had to smell the fart.

Ellie said...

LOL great pt. quote of the day!