06 November 2006


I can't tell you how positively wonderful today was. K is working his 24h shift. I have no where to be until 1830 and nothing strictly required of me today. So I did, nothing. Well, I did read a little - an interesting book I'll probably write more about when I'm done - but mostly, just lazed on the couch.

Sadly enough, I consumed 100% less halloween candy today - because there isn't any left here - so I think that I probably had less excess calories today by sitting still than I have the last several by moving from place to place with leftover candy. Mmmm, candy, droooool. This is the start of the overeating time of year. I find that from halloween to at least Valentine's day, I eat too much. I try and balance it out with exercise, but I haven't found a place to play basketball yet this winter.

Other news from an unfocused mind - I don't know who to vote for tomorrow. NH is having a gubernatorial election which I'm all set on, as well as a multitude of other state offices, some of which I have no idea what they are. What is an "Executive Councilor" and does it matter to me that one of the candidates is a lying, two-faced backstabber according to her opponent? Is there actually more than one person running for sherriff? Ugh. I may just go vote on the governor and the constitutional ammendments tomorrow and leave.

We may be making a trip to MI soon. K called this morning to tell me that his dad called and said grandpa is not doing well and had a significant decline over the weekend. The docs aren't sure whether they are seeing bleeding in his brain or some sort of calcification, but either way, he isn't a candidate for any sort of intervention to relieve the building pressure in his brain. This has been a bad year for funerals. I'm trying very hard to wish positive thoughts and keep my spirits up for K.

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