29 July 2008


If you've ever thought waiting to get into a doctor's office has tried your patience, waiting in an ER, waiting anywhere that medical professionals treat people, I think I've discovered the secret. After being tortured with unending waiting during the medical school application process, they are just trying to even the score with the universe. At the rate I'm going, you can expect to wait approximately three years if your appointment is at 10a today. Next week's appointment, well I guess maybe your kids can inherit it like Packers tickets.

17 July 2008

Safety reminder

I think the universe might have been trying to tell me something. This week, I took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic Rider Course. I managed to successfully complete both the written and riding skills portion, including completing the U-turn maneuver completely within the prescribed area for the first time during the test. Anyway, I knew this course was coming up because I had to register for it in March, so I've been waiting all summer to get my license. A note for those who don't know, New Hampshire does not have a helmet law for anyone over 18.

Saturday night we were dispatched for motorcycle accident on the highway. Updated en route for CPR in progress, an EMT-Basic student riding with us getting a bit agitated to do compressions for real. On scene, find a LOT of blood running down the highway, three or four bystanders, someone doing chest compressions. As we're working, the FD finds more information for us, including the location of the rider's helmet. Securely attached to the back seat of the motorcycle. Ultimately, the patient died. We were still at the hospital when the ME arrived and was kind enough to talk with us while he performed the exam. I swear he looked nearly uninjured except for the massive head injuries.

Just a safety reminder to wear your helmets and for me to ride as safely as possible.