10 November 2006

Schedule snafu

Today is the start of a long stretch of hours for me between now and Sunday. I was supposed to be on an ambulance from 10-2000. I found out on Tuesday that I was going to be working with the paramedic Lt. I had planned to bring in cinnamon rolls as a thank-you for the crew I third rode with last weekend. I thought I had the day all figured out, ha!

Cinnamon rolls went as planned, making several city crews fat and happy. Shortly after 10, the Lt. shows up and tells me they moved him to a different truck that had to have a medic, because I was on a BLS truck. At 1030, I find out that they don't have anybody coming in for this shift at all, and if you don't know it actually is not possible or legal to work an ambulance by yourself. Around 1200, dispatch called and asked me to drive the ambulance down to the southern station and man a wheelchair van down there. But they didn't actually have any calls for me to do, they just wanted me hypothetically available instead of definitely not available. At 1500, they finally found someone coming off shift who was willing to stay until 2000 and work, so I actually did 2 calls this evening and now I'm about ready to call it a day.

The next two days will push my commitment to blogging every day. Saturday I'm working the kids football from 800-1800, then heading to a city shift overnight (1700-700). Sunday, I have a couple of hours off, then a BLS shift from 1000-1800.

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