07 November 2006

Gray day

No major change in the condition of K's grandfather, but they were able to confirm the brain bleed. Doctors report he has 1-45 days left to live. Not a very helpful bracket for determining what we're going to do for travel. Today, at the request of his dad, K left for MI and will be there until Thursday. He was quite uncertain whether to go, but ultimately decided he wanted to be with his family when they needed support, even if it means he has to turn around and head back soon.

Fairly dreary day weather-wise around here, and my last patient personified this by being the saddest person I've talked with in a long time. He was fairly oriented for being demented and we had a pleasant conversation during the transport. The only way he seemed sad was that he kept saying he didn't have any reason to live, nothing left to do, no way to go anywhere. I tried to just talk about positive things with him and avoid disagreeing or supporting his negative statements. I also informed his nurses at the home, but I'm not sure that he hasn't just given up, so he definitely needs more qualified help. He actually thanked me for such a pleasant conversation and I was glad to have given him something good today.

Edited to add (20:04): Lucked into a spot in the big leagues tonight, hoping for a reasonably quiet night to get my feet wet...

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