15 November 2006

One day at a time

That is what it should say on the sign outside my padded room because that is how I'm going to drive myself insane - one day at a time. This week, I picked up over 30 hours of work on ambulances for the next six days - above and beyond what I was originally scheduled for. Each individual request from full-time people looking for a day off didn't seem to bad, but when I really looked at the calendar this afternoon, the weight of all those shifts suddenly seemed a little more real. I didn't even realize Thanksgiving was already next week - I mean, I knew it at one point, but not recently. Thank goodness though, it is the only day I have off next week.

EMT quote of the day (from a staff member on transfer truck leaving the station to pick up a patient for transfer to the local mental health/detox facility): "All aboard the sad bus! Don't make us come back for you, just pile in! Non-stop service to [facility], trips leaving daily!"

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