11 November 2006


I made it out of the kids football around 1530, so I actually had enough time to stop at home and drop some things off before heading to the overnight shift. No major injuries at the football thankfully, because I really don't want to see what a parent willing to paint his face for a 9 year old's football game would do if the kid were actually injured! Top three teams went home with trophies, and for the New England fans - you'll be happy to hear that the Patriots won.

Tonight I'm rolling with the shift supervisor, so I'll be getting lots of feedback on how/where/when/why I do things. On the first call the list of things wrong included: not having my radio in hand when the tones went off, leaving the ambulance door open, not being able to lower the back shelf on the stretcher to get it to fit in the elevator, not turning off the heat in the back of the ambulance so I was sweating when we got to the hospital, not having my cell phone on me, and missing a couple of boxes that I've never used before on the run sheet. Nothing critical, but by the time we got back, I was feeling like I'd missed a bit too much. A big part of the reason I'm rolling with the sup is to learn, so what I have to do today is survive the feedback and show improvement. I'm aiming to get to the point where the sups feel comfortable having me on the trucks so I stand a chance some day of getting a full-time shift again if I decide I want one.

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