03 November 2006

Five truths

Okay, tagged by NSP to give you five things that are true in my life.

1. I am scared. Scared to get into medical school, scared to not, scared that I will never even hear anything from them. A thousand and one negative scenarios swirl around my brain on a daily basis.

2. I am indescribably glad I am not 22 anymore. Not that I think I was ever the kind of 22 that is currently annoying me, but if I were young and single again, I would probably have to kill these boys.

3. I am addicted to Diet Coke and I don't care. I've gone through periods where I try and cut back for the sake of caffiene and irritated primary care physicians, but I rationalize it by the facts that I don't often drink and I don't smoke, so what's one little vice?

4. I do not hate my body. Sure, there are times I wish it could be more (or less), but mostly I'm glad that it gets me where I want to go and that it is quiet enough that I can usually take it for granted. This is probably a result of seeing a lot of people whose bodies don't get them where they want to go.

5. I'm outta truth today....gotta get crackin' on some w-o-r-k, so hopefully four will do!


Melissa said...

I wouldn't go back to my early twenties for anything.

Pregnant In Texas said...

Yep, four truths will do just fine. Thanks for playing.

Oh - and lest people reading this blog think that you are older than you actually are...let me just say that Aunt Jen is NOT THAT FAR from being 22.

As a 25 (almost 26) year-old, I wouldn't mind going back to 22.