26 November 2006

Quick updates

In chronological order:

1. I had a DNR patient die during transport last week and that was a rather awkward situation. We loaded him into the ambulance and my usual procedure is to have whoever is driving get moving and then take vitals and such. This patient was baseline unresponsive and in bad shape, so it wasn't like he suddenly quit talking to me or anything terribly obvious to realize he had died. When we were in the ambulance and I couldn't get a pulse, I realized that I think he quit making the nasty gurgling sound that was accompanying his breathing sometime in the elevator or short hallway out to the exit. We had to turn around and take him to the emergency department of the hospital we took him out of (we only got 2 stop signs away) so they could pronounce him, but there really wasn't any doubt. I'm glad I double-checked to make sure the DNR paperwork was in his file before we left.

2. K has had a cold and I've just come down with it, so we're pushing the limits of the household kleenex supply.

3. I didn't have to work Turkey day, so K and I had a quiet meal at home and watched football all day, interspersed with liberal napping. I do have to work Xmas day though, and K is working Xmas eve (until 0800 Xmas morning), so it sounds like we'll be doing presents sometime around 1800 Xmas night which is going to be torture for K as he still likes to be up around 0600 for presents!

4. I worked a cheerleading competition yesterday, it is highly disturbing to watch more than a thousand cheerleaders, both on the floor and in the stands, doing the same dance to a song. I saw a wide assortment of strangely dressed and oddly competitive parents as well. Several other ambulance folk working said that most of the concerts are less crowded than this was. Most of the calls while I was there were TGS (teenage girl syndrome).

5. K's grandfather died this morning - I'll try and post some further information, thoughts or reflections as they come to me, because I don't think a quick update is an appropriate last word.

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Anonymous said...

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