02 November 2006


The store that does clothing for the ambulance company (and unfortunately also the FD) usually sews all the patches on our shirts as part of their "full-service" ordering. Bad enough the company only forks out for the cheapest shirts which drop buttons regularly and need constant trimming for lose strings but most of the time it takes 1-2 weeks per shirt and you have to take at least one patch per shirt back to be re-sewed within a month. I'm no professional seamstress, but I have not been particularly impressed.

With my new credentials, I get one new patch per shirt (I'll try and get a picture up). I went by the shop on Tuesday and asked for a patch to swap out because I wanted at least one of my shirts done for work today. I've never seen the woman look so happy as when told I wasn't asking for her to sew my patch right then - just to give me one so I could do it. Her husband came out to see what was going on and gave me a suspicious look, but they let me take the patch. The rest of the shirts are heading to them today. It took me over an hour, but I have to say that my unskilled job looks at least ast good as theirs and will probably last longer too.

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