08 November 2006

In this corner...

we have the new EMT-I and in the other corner the reigning champeen, the big city. And this morning, one of the experienced EMT-Is snuck up behind me, grabbed my arm a la a heavy-weight title fight and declared to the oncoming staff in the garage that I had hearby survived my first city shift. Many folks laughed, and those that hadn't punched my new patch yet took the opportunity to do so.

The medic I rode with wished for an easy night because he didn't feel like working too hard, and he got his wish - which is probably better for me anyway. We ended with a total of just four calls, all dispatched as falls. Three of the four actually were falls. One patient had fallen but just wanted help up rather than a trip to the hospital. One patient swore there was a broken hip involved, but the symptoms seemed like it probably wasn't that severe. One patient spoke no English and the most information we got was from a child on-scene translating, who did not go to the hospital with the patient.

Overall, not a bad night, but I'm wiped out today because I really didn't sleep much - per usual in an unusual place. After 200+ miles in the car and taking the final test for Haz Mat, I'm going to call it a night.

p.s. K reports his grandfather seemed slightly better today (appetite was up a little and slightly more aware) and they are in the process of arranging hospice care for him.

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