04 November 2006


Out at Haz Mat Operations this weekend, learning all about the kind of scenes I never want to show up on. Apparently it is a FD requirement for all staff, but I would've avoided it if possible. Today was eight hours of powerpoint slides, following a night of poor sleep, that just about put me to zzzz's. The lecturer wasn't too bad really, just a total lack of interest in the material. We're starting earlier tomorrow so we can finish up by 1500, so I'm hoping to catch an afternoon nap.

Tonight I'm in the city, running on the 911 truck as a third rider. So far, one MVC who got collar/board/IV (which I stuck on the first try!! and I was nervous after over 6 weeks of no live sticks), and one call that was really a PD call and not an ambulance call so we cleared up quickly. I always feel guilty wishing death/dismemberment/illnesses on people, but hey, that's what I'm here for!

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