29 May 2006

Band-aids for everyone!

I've been paid to watch two baseball games in two days for the ambulance company, rough life, no? The first game was in a small stadium where I was the sole first aid provider and I saved the day with multiple band-aids and two ice packs for a woman who took a graze on the ear from a foul ball. Band-aids were mostly for children and women who were getting blisters from their first day in sandals. One of the dispatchers for the ambulance came by after shift and kept me company. Kind of interesting to have a social conversation with someone I've only talked to on the radio and to have a face to go with the voice.

The second game was a bigger stadium, AA major league team game. There are supposed to be 2 people working it, but one of them called out the day before and nobody was available, so D and I got sent over to hold down the fort with the paramedic. We were there for about half the game and handed out one ice pack to a kid who hit his elbow after slipping on the stairs. Hard work I tell you. Actually, both games were somewhat painful to watch as the home teams were ahead for quite a while and ended up losing in the end, but there's a reason these guys aren't major leaguers.

Other than that, things are about typical on the ambulance, getting people to rehabilitation, back to long-term care facilities, or to psychiatric care. D's new romance seems to be going well for him, despite the 10 year age difference, her 10-year old son, and the disapproval of his mother. Wednesday is our last day together as full-time partners, and the majority of my June shifts are scheduled on a different truck. I have mixed feelings about it as I'm glad to be cutting back, glad to have some variety, but I will miss hanging out with him as we usually have a good time.

Being a holiday today, I'm getting double-time and there is absolutely nothing going on. I'm pretty sure I managed a sunburn on my arms and face from hanging outside this morning devouring a paperback, but oh well. Even the regular 911 ambulances are pretty slow today, but I'm guessing things might pick up in the evening as the out-of-staters head home and the locals continue to imbibe.

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