15 May 2006

Finding the obvious

Our government money hard at work, from wire reports, an article titled:
"Young men in rural areas who drive pickups often don't buckle seat belts"

p.s. K is still at work today, running on 2 hrs sleep and continuing to sand bag and protect our town. National guard has been called in to help out, so they are now actually stacking full sand bags for people. The shift that started working on 5/13 was finally sent home at noon today, so K may get to come home sometime tomorrow. My ambulance shift went fine, nothing out of the ordinary except some extra detours around flooded areas. Also, this is EMS Appreciation week - so don't forget to appreciate your local providers!

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Uncle W when the power was out for over 120 hours and he worked 113 of them. Give K a nice dinner and make him go to bed.