14 May 2006

Blame it on the rain

It has now been absolutely pouring for two days and drizzle/rain/mist for five others before that, and it isn't supposed to quit in the near future. I was very glad not to be out on the streets yesterday, but today I'm not so lucky. Keeping patients dry for the walk between the hospital and the ambulance is challenging sometimes, and they all complain when they get wet. These are days that it is nice to be on a transfer truck instead of a 911 truck though, because I know I won't be spending 20 minutes out on the side of the freeway waiting for the fire department to get my patient out of his wrecked vehicle.

Rain also means people commenting about Seattle, once they know I'm from that area. On my extra shift on Friday, I rode with a woman who is moving out there at the end of the summer and we had a nice conversation about how silly it is that everyone comments on Seattle weather any time it rains here for more than two days. But if you check right now, the forecast in Seattle is for sun and temperatures around 75-85 for the next week - and here, rain, rain, and more rain.

Today is back to the regular schedule though, no more vacation, and class starts tomorrow, so I'll soon be seeing K for only a couple hours a week instead of all this time he's had me around in the last three weeks.

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