03 May 2006

With great power...

...comes great responsibility.

Another day in the van-bulance, the kind with beautiful sunny weather that makes you wish that eating wasn't so important and expensive that you have to work. D and I have been going back and forth a couple of times this day (and for the couple of days prior) to an outlying hospital on a state highway. Unfortunately, it is only 1 lane each way and quite busy, so we've been going 40 mph behind slow cars all day. Thankfully, we entertain each other so there is much laughing, joking, and loud singing with the radio going on. I look at D about halfway back and ask, "Are we there yet?" His normal response is, "Yes, hop out," which he gives me as usual.

About this time, we're driving along an area where the town felt obligated to put up No Parking signs about every 100 yards, so I tell him that if I get out now he's going to have to stop and administer first aid because I would hit a sign. Which gets us giggling, because we both know that there isn't much in the van to really help anybody with. So he starts trying to time the signs, "How about..now .....now ....now?!" and pointing to each sign. Unexpectedly, the slow car in front of us puts on his indicator and pulls to the shoulder to let us pass. D and I are both stunned speechless and then burst out laughing as we realize that he thought we were trying to point him out of our way. I honestly laughed until I cried and told D he needed to make sure he only used the power of the point for good and not evil. Of course, the car in question was from Maine and maybe they don't have fancy lights and sirens there and everyone just points.

It is temptation enough to be in a vehicle with lights and sirens when traffic is annoying and/or slow, but now we have to be careful about pointing too lest someone assume we are signaling at them. Behold, the power of the finger!

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