25 May 2006

Chickens? Heads?

Okay, briefly updating that I have managed to over-busy myself again (surprise, surprise).

Class has started and I'm already behind on my reading but our first section is airway management, including learning to intubate people. For those who don't know, intubation is where you stick a breathing tube down someone's windpipe and then you squeeze a bag that pushes air into the patient. We saw a cool video on Wednesday night of intubations in progress where you could actually see from the provider's point of view to see the anatomy and the proper procedure. Yes, I'm weird for really enjoying something like that, but someone's gotta do it!

Time on the van-bulance has been going pretty well. Today was toasty though. The weather finally warmed up, and our usual truck was MIA this morning. Apparently, it was sent somewhere for a radio update. So the powers that be told us to take truck 19, then truck 18, then wait until truck 6 got back and take that one. We cleaned and checked 3 trucks (all real box-style ambulances) today before they let us stay in one. When we got our first patient, we found something neither of us thought to check though. The A/C was broken. Not good. Even at lunch time, it was so hot in the back of the ambulance that I was drenched in sweat and the patient was complaining about the temperature.

I got a look at the rough-draft schedule for June, when I'm supposed to be part-time. I have 32, 40, 42, and 16 (because 1/2 the week is July) hours across the weeks of June. I'm going to have to talk to the scheduling supervisor about cutting at least one shift each week that is 40+ because otherwise I'm going to go insane. I also got my official end-of-probation review today, and even though the supervisor on duty told me it was a waste of paperwork since I'm "quitting", apparently everything is good, he said nobody had complained about me. Woohoo, four months and I'm complaint-free, party time!

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