01 May 2006

Today's laugh

From an article at Irascible Professor, "Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards." quoted from Robert Heinlein. Why is this so funny? Because I do write in private, I prefer that no one be even in the room if I want to compose a coherent sentence or think of something to write about...and then I post it where anyone can find it and wash my hands of the whole ordeal.

To explain the lack of posting, there isn't much new or interesting going on right now. Yesterday was a typically slow Sunday on the ambulance, amounting to a single wheelchair run. I worked with a new employee who better tone down his giggling if he wants people to be willing to work with him on the 911 trucks. I got to hear all sorts of gossip yesterday while hanging around the station, which is good because it reminds me to keep my business to myself. The next week or so should be interesting as many of the shifts and partnerships are getting shuffled around, unfortunately that doesn't lead to much to write about.

3 days and counting until cuddling with little Z...

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