08 May 2006

Deep in the heart of Texas

Today's my last day for the visit with little Z and the rest of the family. He's upstairs having a nap, so I'm missing out on baby cuddling, but the kid's gotta sleep or he'll just be grumpy the rest of the day. Z's been a delight and quite happy despite the snot bubbles and the ear goop. Texas is still a weirdo place with psychotic drivers, oppressive heat, and people who never go outdoors - reminds me why I'm glad that I don't live here!

As always though, I miss my life. I'm really no good at vacation because it gives me time to think about everything I should be doing and everything I've screwed up recently. And this time, about when I'm going to get those stupid MCAT scores back so that I know what I might be doing with the rest of my life. I heard there's a water leak in the city line just in front of our house, so I'm not sure that being home will be enjoyable if there's no bathroom or clean laundry to be had, but oh well, I'll just settle for cuddling with a bigger boy.

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