05 June 2006

Wheels down

I made it back from the wilds of Michigan where I attended 2 separate family events for the in-laws, one on the maternal side and one on the paternal side. K and I drove over 12 hours there, departing at 4:30a Thursday and driving all night last night to return at 7:15a this morning. K is still crashed out because he drove from 11:30 until 5:30, swearing the whole time that he wasn't too tired and doing fine, until we had breakfast after which I drove and he immediately fell deeply asleep.

The trip went fairly well, although I can never complain when I get TimBits, the most wonderful junk food to ever grace the face of the earth. I would drive to Canada daily for those if I could do it without weighing 700 lbs. Yes, there are some in the U.S., but not nearly enough and it is one of my traditions when visiting Canada. I'm not quite an honorary Canadian because I'm not addicted to their coffee as well (I don't do hot beverages), but I've got to be close.

It was good to see the families, but I'm not sure they've forgiven us for moving away yet. One baby shower and one high school graduation and 500+ questions about what I'm doing with the rest of my life of course get me thinking about everything going on lately, but I'm no closer to figuring it out since I STILL do NOT have my test scores back yet.

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