21 April 2006

Quick update

I am a) tired, b) cranky, c) ready for Sunday so this insanity can be over for a while, d) all of the above. If you selected d, you may pass go and collect $200.

Work is okay, D was out Wednesday and I rode with someone very odd and talkative. He's out again Sunday, back Monday, then gone for a week, so I'll be riding with all sorts of different people which has me at mixed emotions. It is good experience to ride with different people, as everyone has their own perspective on things and it means I get to know more people in the company (which is good if I ever want to get onto a 911 truck), but I'm used to D. We're a compatible height and strength so moving people is easy. I don't stress over looking like an idiot any more, because he already knows I'm an idiot. Oh well, he won't be around forever as he has recently completed a class which should allow him to work on a 911 truck (the same class I'm starting in mid-May), so maybe I can find someone else tolerable to partner with when he leaves.

K is finished with his final required state ff training today, so he'll be back on his regular schedule instead of working day shifts like he has been for the last 2 weeks. Good for me because there will be food at home instead of quite so much fast food and because I'm fairly tired of hearing him whine about having to go to this stupid class. Sounds like some people might be going out for celebratory refreshments this evening, but I can't go for long, nor drink at all, so it won't be much of a celebration for me.

As soon as I get enough brain cells freed up to be able to count days on the calendar, I'll be counting down to when I get to see little Z (and everyone else in TX). Right now, it is the only near-term positive event so it is keeping me going.

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