08 April 2006

Party like it's 1999 baby!

Yeah, so I'm older now. I had a patient tell me that 29 was such a great age, many people stay there for years. If only I could do that and let some of these younguns catch up to me. At any rate, my wild and raucous birthday consisted of: work, studying, work, leaving the house briefly, work, studying, seeing a movie. Woohoo, doesn't everyone want to come party with me.

Leaving the house briefly consisted of going out for fast-food lunch, and going to the fire station and the local brewery to take pictures with our guest Guillermo. Who is staying with us? A life-size replica of a kindergartner from Washington. K's sister has her students do a Mailing May project and some of the kids don't have many family to send them to, so we get one. This year, we have the cousin of the kid we had last year. What you're supposed to do is take your kindergartner places and take pictures, then write a little journal and send it back. Last year was a lot easier because we went on a trip for my birthday and drove through VT, NH, and ME so we were able to get lots of pictures and little stuff for the kids. This year, I'm so busy I don't have time to go anywhere and we haven't found much yet. The big reason we went to the brewery is because it has 1 of only 4 clydesdale stables in the country (if you know what brewery I'm talking about). The horses were huge. They only get them dressed up one weekend a month, which was unfortunately last weekend, but they were still amazing.

Going to the movie was actually pretty cool. It is the first time in a long time that I've seen a movie in a real theater where the screen is more than 10% bigger than my tv. They also had the nice stadium seating and comfy chairs. The movie was great and if you're into movies where many people die, I highly recommend it (see sidebar for more info). The crowd was also pretty entertaining as we had people who just couldn't keep their thoughts to themselves during some sections, including the woman directly in front of us who "eeeewwww"ed when one person got killed. I'd also forgotten what it was like to go to a movie theater filled with 8 billion other people. It wasn't bad once we got to our movie, but the lobby was jam packed since it was a Friday night and all the kids were out. The joys of city life.

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