04 April 2006

Crazy part 2

Last month I wrote briefly about a crazy lady telling me I'd just won $150,000. One of my calls today had a familiar name. She turned up again today, in a different hospital and a different city. But today, she'd been having excellent hospital care and appropriate medication. She was pleasant, friendly and apologized for anything she may have done last time when she found out that we had taken her previously.

Before we got her on the stretcher, I cornered the nurse and asked how the patient was doing today. Her nurse was somewhat evasive until I told her that we had previous experience with this patient as aggressive and combative, then she opened up with a glowing review of this wonderful woman that we would be sooo happy to have. And finished with, "and she's totally different than two weeks ago." You think? At least she didn't hit anybody at this hospital.

Today was also the day of long waits. Something was not ready for every patient we transported. Two were missing paperwork (from the same unit, surprise, surprise) that took over 1/2 hour to get together. The third had paperwork, but was otherwise entirely unprepared to leave the hospital, including still having his PICC line in place and his personal possessions strewn all over the room. Fun fun.

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