14 April 2006

Brief update and a little hypocrisy

First of all, wallowing completed, nose back to the grindstone, in case you were wondering. D was back at work yesterday with his health much improved, so that helped break up my snowballing bad attitude as we got to play cribbage and hang out waiting for patients on a day that was supposed to be rainy, but ended up 74 and sunny.

Our first patient was a geriatric screamer, totally demented, and after we got her in the nursing home bed she pointed right at me and said "I'm going to punch you in the eye", the only entirely enunciated and clear thing she'd said the whole time. I told her okay and have a nice afternoon. Second (and third, technically) was one of our frequent traveler dialysis patients who was heading for a different appointment, so I got to chat with his wife during the drive back and forth. Last of the day was a lady from the psych campus who was a touchy-feely and "used to be a nurse". We were waiting for staff to be ready for her when she reached out and totally looked like she was going to feel up my boob. At the last second (before she got swatted away but after I'd already scooted back a little), she switched to a single finger and pointed on my nametag. D found it entertaining until I told him that if we had to come back for her after the appointment, he was riding in the back with her and likely to get fondled.

As far as the hypocrisy goes, I think you may be clear on the understanding that I'm not really a "church person" given my reaction to the induction ceremony at the ambulance job. So, can anyone explain to me how a job that feels obligated to bless me and commission me with spreading the joy of christ can not consider Easter a holiday when it comes to paying their employees?!?

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