12 April 2006


I'm feeling pretty down this evening. I don't want to study and don't want to work, just feel like curling up with chocolate chip cookies and trashy television and calling it a night. Why? Lots of reasons, including: yelling at K when I saw him this evening for the only hour I'll see him in the next 24 since he gets to go to a hockey game tonight and I can't, losing one of my favorite and most expensive earrings today, feeling stupid because I can't seem to internalize pKa and solubility for the MCAT, wasting a perfectly good meal by forgetting my lunch box yesterday, screwing up my patch to the hospital today for the 1 pseudo-real ambulance call I've had in several weeks while working with someone not D who proceeded to tell me all day how terrible it was, and making my dog miserable because I haven't had time to take him for a walk. F*!# it all, I'm just gonna go walk the dog and wallow in my misery for a while.

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Pregnant In Texas said...

Oh, no! It's going to be ok. You are doing great. Some of the things you mentioned (like forgetting your lunch, losing your earring, and messing up the patch to the hospital) just show that you are too stressed to be functioning properly.

Please be gentle on yourself and kick the crap out of whatever asshole made you feel bad about yourself at work. Better yet, give me his name and I'll kick the crap out of him for you.