01 March 2006

Howdy pardner

Today I finally met my long-term partner. It was something I was a little nervous about, so it is probably better that I didn't realize today was the day. He was actually there before I was this morning, a good first impression as almost everyone else I've ridden with has been late. And he emptied the trash, woohoo!

It seemed like we had a fair distribution of the work today and, at least to start with, personalities seemed to match up okay. We'll see how things go when I'm trapped in an ambulance for 40 hours a week with him, and maybe I can get him to slow down a little when I'm the one banging around in the back, but I'm feeling optimistic. He doesn't listen to country music, knows what the heck he's doing (so that makes 1 of us), and seems to work well with patients. He also used to work in dispatch, so he got us out of what could've been a very late call tonight as he would've been late for class.

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