19 March 2006

Illin' in the hizz-ouse

Okay, so I haven't been sick all week, but there wasn't a lot that inspired me to write this week. Friday, K and I were supposed to be out snowboarding with FREE tickets (and yes, if you know me, FREE really is that important). It was just over 2h drive to get there, and over halfway there I started feeling unwell. As in, pull the car over somewhere so I can hurl on the side of the road unwell. And then, find me a bathroom, any bathroom right this minute unwell.

When we got to the hill, I stayed in the car, curled in the fetal position while K went out and enjoyed the nice weather and reasonable March snow. Finally, around 2p, I called him and told him that I had to go home. My vomiting was scaring small children in the bathroom and the toilets there were none too clean for the amount of camping out I had to do. I finally kept down some chicken broth that evening, but it was a challenge. K jokingly suggested maybe we should go out drinking and kill whatever bug I had, but the idea of throwing up expensive bar liquor wasn't really all that appealing after throwing up a dozen times that day. I was hoping maybe something I ate had disagreed with me, so that it would just be a one-day deal. No luck.

Saturday wasn't much better, only I got to be curled up in the fetal position on the couch and use my own toilet. Also, the good news is that there is FREE HBO and Cinemax this weekend, so I've seen a lot of so-so movies that I wouldn't normally spend $ on to see. Two doses of pepto didn't really slow things down, but I managed to keep down some applesauce and some more chicken soup. I called in sick this morning because I don't think it would be good to stop the ambulance halfway to the nursing home so I could go use some nasty gas station bathroom. Things are finally clearing up a little, at least I had an appetite this morning, although finding something I thought would stay down wasn't easy. With any luck, I'll be back to saving the world tomorrow - and if anyone vomits on me, I'll probably vomit right back.

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