29 March 2006

Why are we here?

The last week has been incredibly slow on the ambulance. Partly because the company added another truck with a schedule that directly overlaps mine, and partly because there just isn't anything going on in the town I'm posted at. Yesterday, we did 2 calls all day, and in between we were posted at one of the hospitals with one of the other trucks, where we lounged in the sun (D got burned), listened to music and hung out. All we were missing was a hibachi and a cooler and we would've had quite the tailgate party. One of the trucks in the company posted in a city to the south did 9 calls yesterday, so it all depends on where you're at.

I'm at the point where I'm battling constant fatigue and feeling fairly certain that I'm never going to do well enough on the MCAT to make all this studying worth while, so it is hard to stay motivated to make it through this last month of torture. If I don't do well enough, I could re-take the exam in August, but the prospect of that many more months of complete insanity isn't settling well. Maybe I should just be a stay-at-home wife?

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