09 March 2006


Apparently I'm a marked woman now. Another patient vomited in my general direction yesterday. Thankfully, neither of them hit me, but this is NOT a trend I like. The nurse at the nursing home was laughing at me..."oh, do we have someone who doesn't enjoy a little vomit?" because I was searching frantically for something for her to vomit into. He seemed to have a little more sympathy when I explained it wasn't the vomit so much as being vomited on that bothers me, and that it was the second patient in two days to give me the great joy of hurling noises.

The other EMTs also enjoyed my discomfort when we were posted at the hospital, as D was quick to tell them I am a vomit magnet. I quickly responded that it was obviously his cruddy driving that was causing everyone to throw up. But if anyone vomits at me today, I'm going to have to reconsider this job...

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