05 March 2006

Back to saving the world

Two days away from the station almost made me forget what it is like to be crammed into a tiny room with a loud television and ten other people. Almost. But today I'm back, and so far we've rescued the citizens of this fair town from the hazards of a cinderblock in the road. Awww yeah baby.

Weekend update:
I was sick again last week, so Friday was work at home and sleep, oh the precious sleep. After sleeping 24 of the first 36 hours I was off for the weekend, I actually feel like a slightly sick but normal human being again, as opposed to the gunk off the bottom of someone's shoes. Saturday was the first day of the season-end bball tourney in which our team performed approximately as well as we did all season. I.e. our 2-12 team lost two games and was immediately eliminated from the tournament. I didn't mind terribly because if we had won the first game, they would've been playing today without me. But it really stunk to lose the second game because it was against a team we could've beaten and hate to lose to. We lost several important players just before or during the second game because the high school team that all their kids are part of was in the state tournament on the same afternoon. I certainly don't blame them for their priorities, it just made it very hard for the remainder of us to play a second bame in the same afternoon with few substitutions. And now...back to saving the world...

We've made off with someone else's truck for the day because ours was stuck way in the back of the garage. And WTF?! Theirs actually has real equipment! A blood glucose monitor! A pulse-ox! An AED that fits in their first-in bag! A dispatch computer that works. I'm experiencing truck envy. Theoretically, they could actually help someone if they came across an accident or something. Unlike our usual truck, which contains the bare minimum of equipment required to be legally an ambulance. D and I agreed we should behave like a "real" ambulance today and make everyone else wonder.

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