26 March 2006

Children everywhere

Another slow Sunday leaves me some time for an update on my weekend. This weekend I got to be an observer during a Pediatrics clinic, as well as time in the Nursery and on the Pediatrics floor of a hospital. It is all part of the plan of a physician I've been working with to convince me that I want to be a physician and not something like a PA, or just giving up entirely.

I had a good time seeing all the kids in the clinic - lots of simple sniffles and ear infections. I even got to talk with one young woman who had injured her knee, so I got to do the patient history since I have lots of experience with knee injuries at this point. Saturday morning in the nursery was also fun as I got to see a pair of fraternal twins and a five-hour old baby. Not good for K as it reminds me that I think I want to have kids, but fun for me.

I also provided the clinic nurses with some excitement on Friday when I fainted in their hallway. I still don't know exactly why it happened (leading guess is currently too little food), but I was suddenly feeling very flushed and unwell, took one step backwards into the hallway and dropped into a dead faint. I managed to give myself a good headache, because of course the floor was cement covered by 1/8" industrial carpeting, but I was fine after some juice and crackers. I'm grateful that I was able to take that step backwards into the hallway, that way I didn't faint on the patient, who quite honestly had his own problems that day.

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