27 February 2006

Slow times

I actually have a minute today to stop and blog, so you can tell it must be a slow day. Yesterday, I only did 3 calls, and all of them were mentally out of it, so there wasn't much conversation (although one lady did ask me the same 6 questions 8 times in a 3 mile ride). Today, I'm riding with a paramedic, so we probably won't get hardly any calls at all.

It is weird to be here and be less than busy because I have a million other things to do. If I had my laptop I could be getting some other work done. As it is, I can study (I'm taking the MCAT in April), but there is only so much physics my little head can manage at once. I didn't enjoy it the first time, and I'm not especially enjoying it right now. Now that I've cursed us by complaining that we're slow, we're probably going to sit around until about 4 and then have 5 calls which take us way past shift change (at 6).

**EDIT** Just for the record, we sat around until 4 then did 3 calls which took us until 7p. But at least the one that kept us late we were asked really really nicely to take and thanked profusely by our dispatcher - and it was a nice older woman who had been sitting in the ED nearly all day and really wanted to go somewhere else.

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