19 February 2006

Will work for nothing

Well, I think I can say that I'm now connected enough that any lack of posting is due to sheer laziness. The DSL is in. The wireless works so I'm lounging on the couch on my laptop. The cable is even up so I can watch something other than figure skating on the Olympics. Normally I'd be at work today, but the co. filled most of my shift through the end of the month, so I don't have to go until tomorrow and then I'm going to work on the ambulance 6 days out of the next 7, in addition to finding 20 hours to work at my old job.

I'm thinking of volunteering for the ambulance where K works because I could get emergency experience instead of just transfers, but I'm concerned. Not about time - I can weave time from thin air (or at least I seem to think so lately), and it would be one night a week and rotating weekends. K works at a union shop. The union rep was one of the guys who came over and helped us move in. Mr. Union doesn't want me to volunteer. And has told K so the last two shifts in a row, and told me so this morning when I brought cinnamon rolls as thanks for helping with the move.

I asked him why today, but his answer was "isn't my word enough?". I told him I didn't know him well enough for that, and he declined to explain his reasoning. K thinks it is because if the dept didn't have volunteers, the union would be able to push for hiring more guys. I don't find this to be helpful to my cause. 1. They aren't going to hire EMS-only people, or if they do, it will be paramedics not basics. 2. They aren't likely to hire a woman. 3. I don't especially want to work there (although getting paid for calls like the volunteer ffs do would be nice), I just want to help the people who live in my community and I think volunteering is a good thing that more people should do. The only explanation Mr. Union has given K directly is, "think of the trouble at home", implying that we're going to bicker and fight while on duty and then carry that over to home, oh - and that he should tell me to "volunteer at a soup kitchen if volunteering is so important to her."

I'm worried that someone will make it their task to make life uncomfortable at work for K, or for me when I'm volunteering if they don't want me there. The management seem okay with the idea as long as we can behave ourselves when working together. We've worked together on an ambulance before and it hasn't been a problem. Simply put, K has more training and seniority = he's in charge. End of story. If I wasn't willing to accept that, I wouldn't be suitable to be there. Besides that, I trust him - more than anyone else I would be working with (at least before I get to know people) - and he's a good patient advocate, trying to do the best for people - so what's there to argue about?

K says screw them, if I want to volunteer I should, and he can take care of himself. I'm glad he's supportive of me, but I still have that lingering doubt...

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