17 February 2006

Rolling along

I think the library people are getting used to me...I'm here at least once a day and all these shiny acoutrements on my uniform definitely make me noticeable. The great thing about it is that I like libraries, I could hang out with books for an extended period of time and be quite happy. The equipment for the DSL connection finally arrived, but apparently the outside work for the line isn't done yet so we aren't hooked up. The wireless works in the house though, so that will be wonderful once we get it.

First real shift as a non-training employee at the ambulance went okay. We rolled all over the area covering a hundred miles or so. I was riding with someone else reasonably new, but at least she's friendly so it was a pretty good day. I joked at one point that we were out "saving lives" (which is a joke because the transfers we do are mostly people who are on the borderline of being able to have their family or a taxi drive them instead) and she scoffed, but our last call of the day was actually someone who needed help and would have benefitted from more care than we could provide.

It was a hard scene because the family was all there and all the women were sobbing. Since the patient was headed directly to the ER, we tried to keep things moving so there wasn't a lot of time for comforting anybody other than the patient. Definitely one of those situations that reminds me of people in my life that aren't necessarily in good health and the ways I would like them to be treated by professionals. Always a good reminder.

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