27 December 2005


Tomorrow's the day for my current job prospect for new full-time work. I'm actually not that nervous because I feel like I have other potential opportunites (although I don't really know where) and I feel like I'm going to be interviewing them as much as they are interviewing me to decide whether it is a good match. Maybe I should be more nervous, but I feel pretty good.

K and I are also putting in an offer on a new house tomorrow, so I'm crossing my fingers that the sellers are willing to barter with us because their asking price is a little high. Apparently they had this house on the market over the summer at a much higher price and couldn't sell it, so maybe they'll be ready to negotiate. K thinks I'm not a great negotiator because I always want to offer an amount I think is fair, instead of something that is too low and assume they're going to barter upward. I guess we all have our theories, but I never assume that I know what the true value really is so I usually don't feel to bad about where I end up.

Also, I get to hold little Z tomorrow and give NSP a big hug, so tomorrow should be a good day...if I can just get some sleep tonight, I'll be all set!

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