05 December 2005

Travel update

Saturday, we each got to ride with the ambulance service here to try and get a feeling for what working here would really be like, and to get the chance to talk with actually employees outside the office when they're more likely to give you the real scoop. K and I both had the same slightly disappointed feel, we were hoping this would be an easier decision where somewhere would be soooo wonderful. But that isn't here. It isn't bad, and it does have a good location on its side, but no immediate love.

When I got back to the hotel, I went over to see K's family because they were going to pick him up. I talked to them for a while and it finally occurred to me that they thought I brought him back and I thought they had picked him up. Oops. I went back to the ambulance HQ and there he was, talking to the guys I had been riding with and wondering what the heck happened to me. I hadn't gone inside when we got back because I didn't have any reason to, or so I thought. Luckily the hotel is only a mile or so from the HQ, so he didn't have to wait too long for me to remember him.

Sunday, we went to the zoo with the family, then they all headed home. K took some lovely zoo pictures, so enjoy! We didn't get to see everything in the zoo, but it was pretty cold, so I think most of our group was ready to go after 2 hours anyway.

We also hit the movie theater Sunday evening, and I just have to tell you how wonderful it is to see a movie in a real movie theater again. Where the screen is bigger than my television at home. With stadium seating so I'm not staring at the back of someone's head and I can actually cross my legs. And we saw a great movie! Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I'd never heard of it before we decided to go, but I would highly recommend it.

We're off today to visit Forest Grove and then out to Astoria for interviews tomorrow, so I'll catch up when I can.

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