24 December 2005


Yesterday was a long, long day of searching for somewhere to live at the new place. We were late to everything all day adding to the stress and driving me completely batty. Two rental places and four houses later, we did find a place we're interested in, but since the contract for our house hasn't been signed yet, I'm not ready to put our financial future on the line right now.

After running around all day, K and I made the mistake of heading to the largest mall in the area in the hopes of being able to finish my last minute shopping (yes, K was already done). I think it took us longer to get in and out of the parking lot than the shopping actually took, and we got out as it was raining, so when we got home of course it was snowing.

We were able to finally get the pick-up back yesterday, but it didn't make it up the driveway either since it doesn't have snow tires yet and something funky is going on with the 4WD. Thankfully our spectacular mechanic neighbor is putting the snow tires on for us today, so hopefully we'll get the whole situation straightened out. I'm just glad that I don't have anywhere to go until the 28th and I'm leaning towards the option of just not leaving the house until then.

So from the snowy north, I hope that everyone has a great holiday season!

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