17 December 2005

Cold feet

Last night I found myself freaking out about the whole quitting my job and moving away deal. I think it was primarily because we've been looking at houses, townhomes, and various rentals to try and figure out where we are going to live, and it is going to be at least $1200/mo. for a two-bedroom place with no storage that will let us take Watson. Houses seem to go for a minimum of $210k, when we're leaving a house that is $150k, so that is a big jump too.

So what the heck am I going to do if we get down there and the deposits and withdrawals just aren't meeting up? I suppose we could go on a diet, crank down the heat, walk as much as possible, and only shower every few days, but there are only so many places like that to cut. K tells me I'm over-reacting and we'll figure it out. And then proceeds to tell me that if I'm worried about it now, how are we going to make it if I go back to school and don't work much if it all? Aaack! Not comforting. Sometimes it would be nice if I had someone who could look at me and be confident that "everything's going to be all right". I've even told K straight up that he just needs to say those words (unprompted), no luck yet.

Just wanted to share my paranoia fit with the rest of you since you aren't lucky enough to experience it in person...

In other news, we finally picked up our new Civic today so now I can leave the house whenever I like! I can't always get home as the plow-guy is a lazy [edit cursing] who only comes to plow whenever he likes. The pickup is currently scheduled to be back on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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