20 December 2005

I am the tortise

Slow and steady wins the race, right? I shouldn't be too concerned that I don't have a new job and I don't have a place to live yet, right? We are going Friday to check out places to live, and I have an interview next week for a job that sounds so-so, on the day that little Z and Not-So-Pregnant are coming to visit. The woman buying our house came by Sunday with a list of questions, and I realized just how filthy the whole place is with the rolling balls of dog hair and the scuzzy kitchen tile and the dirty bathroom. And how I can not possibly have my nephew here in such a mess, so I'm adding that to the list of things to accomplish. Maybe once I'm off work I'll be able to get all these things done (hahaha!!!).

Our kitchen was chest high in holiday baking yesterday and K is finishing it up today so that I might be able to actually give gifts to people tomorrow. I'm usually a stress-eater, so I thought that having all the holiday goodies was going to be bad for my waistline, but I'm actually too stressed to eat. I don't feel like I have time to enjoy any of it, and I usually feel kinda nauseous anyway. There are still people I have no idea what to buy for Xmas and they are people I have to send presents in the mail, although at least I've been keeping up with the wrapping for the presents I do have. Better late than never, hopefully.

We don't even have a tree and there is no foreseeable time in the days between now and Xmas that K and I will both be together with enough time to find and decorate one. No wonder it doesn't feel like the holidays yet. Just because we don't have a tree until the day after Xmas doesn't make it any less festive I guess. We'll just pick one up after the neighbors throw it out. Reduce, re-use, recycle indeed.

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Pregnant In Texas said...

Ummm....do you know that when Zac's bottle, pacifier, (insert any other object that he routinely puts in his mouth like paper, Mommy's fingers, or his toes) falls on the ground, we just pick it up and give it to him again. There is no washing at our house. There is just baby maintanence.