12 December 2005

(Loud teeth grinding sound)

I can't even come up with a title or two thoughts to rub together today, so I'll leave you with the visual of me being completely tense and stressed - which nearly always involves grinding my teeth and everyone enjoying watching those small muscles on the edge of my jaw contract and twitch. I'll try to post when I calm down, 4:30am does not agree with me for a wake-up time, and I have to do it tomorrow too. Thankfully for K, he's at work tonight so he might get some sleep instead of having to listen to me either grinding or the stuffed-nose-open-mouth snoring of hell.

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DelorumRex said...

try to do what i do, when I am stressed, and cannot write.. I takea few deep breaths and I bang my head into my keyboard until it bleeds... not my head the keyboard.