15 December 2005

Quick updates

Surgery went well for Watson, but he is now the face of frustration:
He's never had the cone-head before and he spent most of last night standing in one place waiting for someone to show him how to get where he wanted to go. At one point he was laying in front of the recliner, stood up and bumped the cone into it, and just stood there with the cone touching the recliner for at least 5 minutes. K finds this hilarious, I find it sad, so Watson will probably gain his Xmas weight early this year.

K decided on the local job, so we'll be moving, but only a couple of hours away. I'm still poking around to find a job there, so hopefully that can happen soon.

No action on the new wheels yet, the salesweasel confidently proclaimed on Monday that our car would be in Monday night or Tuesday, and they currently have no idea where it is. He also left 8(!) voicemails while we were out of town despite having been told we were out of town. Now he seems annoyed that I call him at least once a day to inquire about my car, but I figure it is only fair that I leave him a minimum of 8 voicemails before we're finished. He's going to earn his money this time.

One of the women from the ambulance expressed interest in buying our house many months ago, and jumped on the opening that we're moving. She's coming by this weekend to do paperwork, so if all goes through we won't even have to pay a real estate agent. This has me doing a little happy dance.

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Pregnant In Texas said...

That is one of the saddest pictures I have ever seen, although I will admit that I laughed when I thought about him bumping up against the recliner for five minutes. Watson and I have been through enough that we can now laugh at our discomfort.