01 January 2006

Space invaders

Okay, maybe he's not from outer space, but little Z certainly has taken over our place. I don't mind, in fact I asked for it, but it is truly amazing how one little person can positively rule the roost within minutes. He fusses and we all snap to.

Last night was K and I alone with Z while NSP had a fun party evening with people she hadn't seen in a year, and it went better than expected. He only got up a few times (although staying up from 4-6a was a little uncalled-for) and managed not to scream too much. K even managed to sleep through much of the night, but when his watch alarm (!) went off at 6a, I handed him off and told K that since he woke Z, he could get him back to sleep. And I got an early a.m. nap. Z treated us to some toxic waste later in the morning and was ready to see his mommy when she got home.

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Anonymous said...

Space Invader... You sure called that right! We hope he will sleep longer at night soon... We miss him.