06 January 2006

How rude

Okay, a little venting here. WTF is wrong with real estate agents? How can you be a listing agent on a property and not return phone calls!?! We've had difficulty getting in to see houses because of this, which maybe I can understand a little bit - if they have to call the people who are living there and all that jazz. But once someone puts in an offer on the property?

This is basically the foreplay stage of house buying and you do NOT just stop returning calls if you ever want to get to the big finish. We've now put offers in on two separate houses and nothing. A whole lotta nothing. I could handle a "No" or a counter-offer asking for more money, but to just ignore us completely? The second house is about ready to be foreclosed on, I expected the lawyer would be motivated to do something. Apparently that something was to ignore us.

p.s. Check out the new link to the Hayflinger blog and see the cute twins!

*Edited to add (13:00): I heard back from our agent this morning and apparently the lawyer on the almost-foreclosed house accepted another offer because it didn't have the contingency of selling an existing home which was apparently a big deal, despite the fact that our house is under contract already. The first house had 2 other offers to present with ours so I'm not surprised we didn't get it, just seems rude not to at least call and say that they accepted something else. But that is the same place that the selling agent called our agent to make sure we didn't want "to increase our offer" before she presented them to the sellers, so I wasn't too shocked she didn't know how to be polite.


Anonymous said...

Still not as cute as your nephew.

Cort said...

I can't believe they would ignore your offers! Especially if it about to go thru foreclosure. Can you contact the sellers directly? I sure they are sweating bullets trying to get out from underneath a house they can't afford. In their position (and if they were smart), they should rather take a small loss than have their credit dinged with a foreclosure.

Do you have a buyer's agent? Or are you dealing just with the seller's agent? The agent doesn't cost anything to you, it just forces the other agent to split the commission.

Thanks for the tag....but I disagree strenuously with the other comment...Little Z is definitely cute, but we have double the cuteness! :)