16 January 2006

Quick updates

Inspection on the new house went pretty well, not too many unexpected findings and most of them not expensive. We need to check on the price of repairing the chimney if we want to add any sort of wood or pellet stove in the basement.

After a couple of days of calming down, our buyer is sounding amenable to $1k to clean the mold and repair the shower vent, so that is much less stressful. The mold in the attic is much less wide-spread than she originally made it sound.

Basketball yesterday was finally a win for our team, thank goodness. We didn't play especially well, but the other team only had 6 people and one of them had a sprained ankle during the game, so they were a little worn out. But last week, we lost to a team that only had 4 players for most of the fourth quarter, so we certainly can't take anything for granted.

K is snuffly and coughing continuously, and my horrible hacking cough is back after a sharp elbow to the chest yesterday.

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