18 January 2006

Mount up, we're going on patrol

This month I decided I wasn't busy enough and that doing ski patrol sounded like fun since it would be another opportunity to "save lives". Just so you know, I don't ski, only snowboard. I'm not especially good, but I can wipe out groups of small children as though they were bowling pins - even if they try to get away. Every time I get near any snow, I come home bruised enough for my doctor's office to ask if I'm "safe at home" (the polite phrasing for "tell us who is beating the crap out of you, woman!"). Oh, and they're not paying me, I volunteer.

So, I use K's connections to get onto a small local hill. 1 lift, currently 3 runs open, maybe more if it ever stops raining. All the other patrollers are older, men, firefighters, skiers, and know what the heck they are doing. I stick out like a sore thumb, but at least I amuse them. I still haven't aided anyone on the hill. I haven't yelled at anyone for doing things they shouldn't because I don't really know the rules. I haven't helped anyone off the lift in an emergency and I don't know how to. I show up, ride for free, and practice pulling the sled down in case someone gets hurt. K even rode for free last night, and as my practice victim he sat in the sled wishing he could yell "Mush" and worrying I was going to kill myself with the sled.

If you see a semi-controlled snowboarder pulling a large sled towards you at a somewhat high rate of speed and a frightened looking vicitm, don't worry, I'm here for your safety.

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