13 October 2006

Rough day

Chronologically, bullet-style:
  • Drive to work. Notice large trailers implying a concert at local arena. Consider whether to try and squeeze car in alley or park (and not pay) at metered spot. Realize it is volunteer night and don't want to move 3 other employee cars when leaving, park at meter.
  • Clocked in, did truck check, immediately paged for a transfer across town.
  • Left receiving hospital to return to station. Upon return, sit down, read 2 pages of new novel, called on radio to "stay on post" at receiving hospital. Drive back to receiving hospital to post.
  • Post for 3 hours doing nothing. Two other crews posted with us. Tell Ellie I've read her blog and link to it. Try and decide whether the look of panic on her face is because I know or who I might tell. Decide it doesn't matter.
  • Paged out for another call. Drop off patient, return to station. Notice *$%!@#! parking ticket on car. Remember trailers of concert crap and golden rule of meter parking - never when there is something at the arena. Watch the insanity of shift change. Called on radio to next call - 20 miles away down a busy 1-lane each way highway at the height of "rush hour" in NH. Not happy about getting out late. Patient turns out to be very nice and talkative and improves my mood immensely.
  • Return to station 1:15 after shift end. Find back garage full of trucks parked so our truck won't fit. Find alley full of cars for people working concert. Ask supervisor if we can leave truck in the alley.
  • Sup blows a head gasket about parking situation both inside and out. Truck of worst offenders is photographed, documented and sup leaves mumbling about heads rolling. Realize one of the people on that truck is still on probation and I probably just got her fired.
  • Spend 20 minutes rearranging vehicles until our truck fits with nearly everyone on shift helping tell me how to drive and/or watching.
  • Get in car to drive home for volunteer shift. Find ANOTHER @*&%#!$ parking ticket on car, given at 1830! Spend drive home trying not to speed or do anything erratic because apparently my car is police-attractive today.
  • Call ex-partner and make sure other worker on offending truck is off probation - she is.
  • Slump on couch and try to get blood sugar and caffeine levels back within normal limits while not grousing at K about my day.
  • Sleep fitfully all night because there aren't any calls with the FD but I'm always listening for something to come up.
  • Awaken to a beautiful sunshine-filled Friday the 13th. Hope today is better.

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Ellie said...

I think it was panic mixed with surprise. Not like I make a huge effort to remain anonymous! Please keep reading and tell your friends! I hadn't updated in ages not for lack of things to say, just lack of time to say it. See you at work, lol!