27 October 2006


Well, despite the annoyance of the man in charge of paperwork - who described me as "on his back" to a state official - my EMT-I license from the state is all taken care of. I almost took offense to the implication that I was unfairly riding him, but I can be quite a pest when I'm not getting what I want and your job consists of only doing what I am asking for.

The company submitted my reimbursement request to accounting today so I should be getting my money for the class soon. And I found out what I'm getting for a raise... $2.04/hr! Sadly enough that is about 15% and enough to make a difference in what I take home.

I'm toying with the idea of quitting the office job entirely and just picking up as many part-time hours as possible because if I can get together about 52 hours a week I can make the same amount as I usually do now. It is more plausible as an EMT-I because night shifts are 14 hours each, but I'm not sure whether to torment myself. Seems like six of one and half-dozen of the other whether I stay or go.

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