06 October 2006


I had to admit it this week. I might just be insane. An ambulance supervisor called Monday and after a confusing few minutes trying to get us both talking about the same thing, he asked whether I would work the wheelchair shift I was scheduled for on Tuesday and then drive down to the southern station and work a transfer vanbulance shift. All together, working 8a-midnight. And yes, I did it. Partly because the guy who called is the scheduling supervisor and I'm still trying to be as accomodating as possible so I get some decent shifts after I get my next level of certification.

I'm also insane because I've picked up a large number of detail shifts this month working at things like hockey games and children's football games. The first hockey game last week was good because it was at a local ice rink instead of the big arena, so I got to sit right next to the glass and feel almost part of the action. This weekend is the season-opener, so I'll get to learn what it is like to work at the big arena too. I wish I could say that the money was good, but it isn't really, which is why I didn't do a lot of these things when I was working full-time.

Last night was my FD night and I was actually in town at the early call (I almost always miss 1 a week that happen before I get home from work). There was only 1 later call, and that was a no-transport, so the low-call trend continues. Today is also open house at the FD, so I may head over there this evening and see if they need any help. Again, insane - volunteering for things I've not been asked to do.

Forgive me if posting is slow as I work my way through all the hours I have piled up waiting for me. I'll try and update after the EMT-I exam on Sunday as I should have the results for the practical portion at least.

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