11 October 2006

Plunking along

No exciting news lately and nothing inspiring me to write.

Last two shifts on the vanbulance have been uneventful, although we did transport two hospice patients in one day and mine was by far the closest patient to dying I've ever had. He was the brightest yellow color I've ever seen on a living person and he would suddenly stop breathing for 15-20 seconds at a time as we drove 25 minutes to the hospice providers. The worst part was that he was coming from a family member's house and had a DNR, which the family did not have a copy of. So if he died in the ambulance on the way to hospice, I would've had to try and defibrillate him, do CPR, the works, until we got to the hospital - and we were transporting a family member with us who would've had to watch the whole deal. Thankfully for me, he made it all the way there without any extraordinary measures.

Clothing items from the yearly purchase for the FD are starting to come in, so I'm almost looking like everyone else now.

I applied for an open full-time slot as an intermediate at the ambulance co (even though I'm not official yet), and the boss responded to let him know when I pass. Not exactly an excited response, but not a "get bent" kind of deal either. I'm not entirely sure why I'm so insane as to think I could go full time again, but the schedule seemed amenable - Sunday night, Monday night, Thursday day and Friday day. Which would leave me Tuesday and Wednesday for the work-from-home stuff and Saturday completely off! Sad when working 6 days a week seems like a good deal. But if you'll check back a couple of posts, you'll see I'm coming to grips with the fact that I'm completely insane...which, come to think of it, probably explains the whole medical school deal too.

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