11 September 2006

Stupid call of the day

"Dispatch to 28. 28, head to [hospital X] to meet up with 6 and take staff back to [southern station]."
"28 to Dispatch."
"Go 28."
"Any additional information on where in [hospital X] we might find these people?'
"6 to 28, we are at the emergency entrance, meet us there."

Ooookay. So I get to drive 20 minutes each way to take a nurse back to her hospital because, why? Oh yeah, because 6 ends shift at 1700 and it was 1630 and dispatch doesn't want a paramedic truck out of service long enough to return this person they agreed to transport with a patient without thinking about how she's going to get back. Bad enough to be a taxi service for the patients, now we taxi staff too? Gotta love it.

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